My paintings begin with a foundational structure of a loosely painted grid that functions as an armature on which to build the paintings. The color size and density

of the marks are all subject to change as the paintings start to reveal themselves. As the tangle of gestures and marks accumulate through this process of layering, what is taken away or painted out is as important as what remains.

The interplay between structure and randomness is derived from the information I take from the observed world. I see the paintings as distinct things unto themselves and the act of painting as an opportunity to create another possible world.

Martha Sedgwick received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The School of Visual Arts in 1978. She has exhibited widely throughout the United States and in New York City at Rosenberg + Kaufman Fine Arts, A.I.R. Gallery and Artists Space. Her most recent solo exhibitions were April 2012, Stephen Rosenberg Fine Arts, and October 2013, The Painting Center, New York City.

Her work is included in many private and public collections, including the W Hotel Group, McKinsey and Company, and Golden Artist Colors.  

Sedgwick lives and works in New York City and Truro, MA.